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Made to Order: Please select your waist size to begin customising your MTO trousers. We recommend this programme if you usually fit well in RTW garments. Please refer to our MTO sizing guide below for reference.

Made to Measure: Please provide your measurements so we can craft your unique MTM pattern. We recommend this programme if you usually have issues with RTW garments, or if you want to experience finer tailoring. Please refer to our MTM measurement guide below to start.

If you are unsure about how to measure yourself please follow our measurement guide located below.

Please allow 3-4 weeks' time for your custom garments to be made.

Click here for answers to your commonly asked questions.

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We offer three distinct waistband styles for our MTO/MTM trousers, each with its own look and personality.

Our side adjuster trousers are a simple, straightforward no-frills trouser with a clean and refined silhouette and have adjustable side tabs.

Our Gurkha trousers feature two elongated straps that cross over, offering more adjustable positions, in lieu of a traditional waistband for a more rugged and adventurous look that is suitable for casual or weekend wear.

Finally, our Hollywood trousers omit a discrete waistband to offer a vintage aesthetic, with floating belt loops throwing it back to the bygone era of extra high-waisted trousers.

Please select your desired style from the menu below.

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If you are looking to acquire your first pair of suit or odd trousers, we recommend that you follow the style of our house cut for a garment that you can wear to work, on the weekends, and everything in between: double pleat, brace buttons, both back pockets, zip fly, and two inch cuffs for maximum wearability.

Please select your stylistic customisations from the dropdown menu below.

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A better fit

Please answer all of the following questions to the best of your knowledge so we can create the perfect fit for you.

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